WH Auden told JRR Tolkien to cut the love story from Lord of the Rings

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Well, not all of the love stories, necessarily — just Aragorn and Arwen, which he described as "perfunctory" and "unnecessary." Do you agree? And what other fictional love stories would you have advised their authors to drop?


In a previously unpublished letter from Tolkien to his publisher Rayner Unwin (currently up for auction, if you have a spare $10K or so lying around), he describes the poet's reaction to reading a draft. Auden approved of what Tolkien described as "the Eowyn-Faramir business," but Arwen and Aragorn were not so lucky. Said Tolkien: "He thinks Aragorn-Arwen unnecessary & perfunctory. I hope the fragment of the 'saga' will cure him. I still find it poignant: an allegory of naked hope. I hope you do."

What do you think? Are there other stories that you think would have been made better by dropping a love story or two from the plot? Tell us about them now.

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Forced and unconvincing.