We've seen Jemaine Clement's Scary Men in Black 3 alien!

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We just got the first good look at Men in Black III's villainous alien biker Boris, played by Flight of the Conchords's Jemaine Clement. Plus makeup master Rick Baker explains why these aliens are unlike all previous MIB aliens.


Spoilers ahead...

We've caught glimpses of Clement's alien before, like in the set photo up top. But these images hide some crucial details about Boris, which we just got to see in a behind-the-scenes video shown at Rick Baker's Comic-Con presentation. While he looks like just your normal shaggy-haired biker dude in the set photo, those aviator sunglasses actually hide massive ridges all around the eyes. And, most creepily, Boris doesn't actually have eyes - instead, he appears to have black goggles fused into his skull. In the featurette, Clement mentioned Baker's own work on American Werewolf in London as an influence for Boris's look.

The video also gave us some glimpses inside the Men in Black headquarters, including some of the movie's new aliens. Baker described these as his attempt to do retro aliens, that recall the classic aliens of 50s and 60s science fiction — which he said means finally getting to do "big brains and big bug eyes."

Baker explained that, because the plot of Men in Black III involves time travel back to the sixties, he very consciously designed the aliens of 1969 to look radically different from their present-day counterparts. The sixties fashions also seemed to extend to the human characters - we saw humans, including woman wearing a glamorous sixties-style minidress, walking around in giant over-sized space helmets and silvery spacesuits that looked like something straight out of a bad 50s b-movie.

In fact, Baker revealed that the Men in Black III aliens were what he had wanted to do all along with the franchise's aliens. He said that, when he was originally approached to do makeup and creature effects for Men in Black, he was told to make aliens unlike any ever seen before. He told the filmmakers that that was hard to do since audiences had already seen so many aliens — thanks in part to his own Star Wars Cantina scene — and he suggested they design aliens that consciously recalled those from famous movies, with the implication being that filmmakers had seen real aliens and used them as inspiration in their films. He joked he even wanted to have E.T. in the office working the phones. Unfortunately, this idea was repeatedly shot down.

Men in Black III is due to come out May 25, 2012.

Set photo via I Am Rogue.




I saw the bike and I want it to be an alien or part of this bad dude in some awesome way.