We've Got Good News And Bad News About Independence Day 2

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Finally some news to be thankful for! Independence Day 2 is officially greenlit. And now we can catch up with all our favorite characters. Like President Bill Pullman, the Levinson family and grown up Mae Whitman (who played the president's daughter). However, there's also some bad news.


Deadline is reporting that Fox has is officially approving Independence Day 2, for the June 2016 release date it's had for a while now. No word if Roland Emmerich is officially directing, but all signs point to go for this re-teaming of greatness.

And now the bad news. Rumor has it Will Smith will not be reprising his role of alien punching, cigar-chomping Captain Steven Hiller. This saddens us, greatly. But the show must go on. So who should we cast to play his devilishly handsome, rules-are-for-losers, fighter pilot son?

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I say, kill Pullman off in the first scene, and resurrect his wife to replace him. I'm sure she would be a great President