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Wow, there is a ton of stuff going on in the first full trailer for Orphan Black's new season. Let's settle in, see where everyone is, and take a look at our new set of clones. Spoilers ahead.


So, right off the bat, we see that Sarah learns very quickly that Siobhan sold out Helena — and she's not happy. Rachel is still alive, but she's not looking super responsive in that hospital bed. And Delphine is back from Germany (with straight hair) and she seems to be working on Project Castor. And there are new boy clones! Mark is struggling to keep his secret from Grace and Rudy has a heart-to-heart with Sarah, but we're seeing a few more Castor clones in this trailer, including the mysterious Scarface, who can't pass for any of his brothers. And Cosima, what are you up to?

Lots of intriguing stuff going on. Orphan Black returns on April 18th.

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