We've Already Got Our First Must-See From Next Year's SDCC

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Next year's San Diego Comic-Con may still be eight months away, but we've already found something there we can't wait to see: A biographical documentary about Final Crisis, We3 and Batman writer Grant Morrison. Click through for clips.


Wired's Underwire blog premiered these two clips from Patrick Meaney's upcoming documentary on the Scottish writer, teasing his particular take on George Bush (and world leaders in general) and why our Earth would seem like hell to fictional characters:

Featuring not just a lengthy interview with Morrison about his life and work - including the alien abduction that led to his 1990s series The Invisibles - but also contributions from friends and collaborators like Blackest Night and Green Lantern writer Geoff Johns, Seaguy and Invisibles artist Cameron Stewart, and DC Executive Editor Dan Didio, Meaney plans to have the movie (tentatively called Grant Morrison: The Documentary Film) complete in time for a world premiere at SDCC 2010. We'll see you in line.

Counterculture Comics Hero Grant Morrison Gets a Biopic [The Underwire/Wired]

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Ok.... The movie desperately needs subtitles. I can totally understand people with Irish accents and Scottish accents. But Morrison sounds like a babbling and drunken Scotsman. I cannot understand a single word he's saying. It's just as hard to follow as some of his comics!

Then again, I was told by Wonder-Con volunteers that when they escorted Morrison once to the convention for a panel or something, he was lying in his hotel completely drunk. Soooo maybe that explains his... confusing speech... and comics.