Westworld's New Teaser Casts Doubt on Dolores' Perfect Plan

Dolores has redefined the concept of a one-woman show.
Image: HBO (YouTube)
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Last night we learned the true identity of the Hosts Dolores secretly smuggled out of the park last season, so it looks like her plan to exact vengeance on humanity can go into full swing. But as we see in the look at next week’s Westworld, the more work she does, the more her former allies rise up to stop her.


In the latest look at episode five of Westworld, we see Bernard seemingly teaming up with Serac, the man in charge of the AI supercomputer Rehoboam and who is determined to stop Dolores at all costs. As he explains in the trailer, the system he helped design cannot achieve perfection so long as what can only be described as “Divergents” exist: People who exist outside of the predictive algorithms, causing chaos and destruction in their wake.

Dolores may be one of these divergents...or perhaps it’s Caleb. It would explain why Bernard seems to be appealing to his morality, asking him if he really knows whether he can trust her (the answer is probably not; she’s using him for his DNA, as we saw when she needed a human accomplice for that bank robbery). It looks like Bernard and Maeve are now ready to stand against Dolores—a character who literally doesn’t trust anyone else to get the job done—which makes it hard to figure out who to believe in. But like, we’re all totally against that computer thing, right?

Westworld returns with episode five on Sunday.

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Yes, Serac and Rehoboam are pretty much Grier and Samaritan - saving humanity from itself by eliminating does it deems detrimental to its plans - except it seems in this case the human still has control over the system.

But I’m not sure why you think Bernard is going to work with Serac. If it’s from that scene in front the map that’s Bernard with Connells/Dolores. Maybe Dolores convinced him to go to her side but then why we also see Stubbs fighting Connells?

I too think Dolores is using Caleb. His life still is not his own.