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Westworld's Episode 4 Teaser Poses a Question About Free Will

Maeve seething at something. What could it be?
Maeve seething at something. What could it be?
Image: HBO

Now that Westworld Hosts like Dolores and Maeve are out and about in the “real” world, they’re in a unique position to tear asunder the human ruling class’ assumptions about the nature of their shared reality. It’s easy enough for a human to dismiss a Host as a mindless automaton whose thoughts and feelings are all predetermined by coding, but in a world where nearly everything about human life is orchestrated by machines and algorithms, how can anyone truly be sure whether or not they’re actually a “real” person?


The new promo for Westworld’s upcoming fourth episode sees the Man in Black being faced with this question as Dolores insists that as chaotic as everything might seem to him, it’s all part of some larger scheme in which everyone’s meant to play a specific, predetermined role. Given how Dolores’ plan seems to be bringing about the destruction of the human world in order for the Hosts to gain their freedom and take their place as the dominant species on the planet, it’s more than a cause for alarm to the Man in Black—but at the same time, he can’t help but wonder whether Dolores is actually making some solid points.

Westworld airs on HBO at 9:00 PM EST.


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Since last night’s episode talked about Rehoboam having a mirror world/simulation to try and map people’s lives, I hope that this season doesn’t end up being a worse version of Person of Interest’s If-Then-Else episode. That was some peak television.