Westworld's Episode 3 Teaser Hints at Tessa Thompson's Secret Identity

Host Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) struggles with her new reality.
Host Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) struggles with her new reality.
Image: HBO (YouTube)
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One of the looming questions in Westworld season three is: Who is Charlotte Hale? Tessa Thompson’s character may have been sheltering Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) during the escape from the island, but now she could be home to anybody. In a look at next week’s episode, the mystery rises to dangerous levels.


HBO has released a new teaser for episode three of Westworld, which shows Dolores setting her plans for revolution into action, with Caleb (Aaron Paul) in tow. But the main focus of the episode looks to be on “Charlotte,” who’s masquerading as the (dead) CEO of Delos, but is secretly one of the Hosts from Westworld. Content warning, as the teaser seems to showcase scenes of self-harm.

Now that Dolores and Bernard are back in their own bodies, Charlotte could be any of the other four Host brains she smuggled out with her. And it’s clear that the Host’s time as Charlotte is coming at a price—they seem to having some kind of mental breakdown while continuing the charade.

Westworld returns with episode three on Sunday. Be sure to check out our recap of episode two, which saw Maeve experiencing a Groundhog Day scenario inside Warworld—as well as a surprising Game of Thrones cameo, which we explained in this video.

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