Westworld's Creators Preview What to Expect in the Third Season

Aaron Paul on Westworld. Also a robot.
Aaron Paul on Westworld. Also a robot.
Image: HBO

The third season of Westworld is nearly upon us, to offer mysteries, insights into the danger of big technology, and stuff to argue about on Reddit.


In a recently released Variety video, the show’s creators, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, open up about some of what to expect from this third season and how it fits into the overall arc of the show. Apparently, they had some version of this season planned out from very early on.

“Season three is the moment you get to see the outside world, and when the Hosts get to see the outside world,” Nolan explained. He went on to describe how their vision of the outside world of Westworld is shaped by a desire to do the present but, well, more and expanded upon, an extrapolated future that imagines things continuing the way they’ve been going.

Nolan and Joy also explain how, in the future of Westworld, and perhaps in our own world, the lives of people are not all that different from the lives of Hosts, and that comparison point—after spending seasons making it clear how much Hosts are like humans—will be an important grounding idea in this upcoming third season. To be a worker in late capitalism is to serve your role in a way not all that different from a Host in a simulation, after all.

The duo also explores how they went about framing and shooting their future city, which was shot in Singapore. All in all, it’s a fascinating look at what’s coming starting tonight, on HBO.

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