Westworld’s Leonardo Nam Cast in Important Swamp Thing Role

Leonardo Nam in his Westworld role.
Leonardo Nam in his Westworld role.
Image: HBO

Our vision of the marshes is slowly, slowly becoming clearer.

Leonardo Nam, known for playing Felix Lutz on Westworld, will be taking on a major role in DC Universe’s Swamp Thing adaptation. He’ll be playing Harlan Edwards, a CDC specialist working with Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed). Deadline describes his character, who has no antecedent in the source material, as “second-in-command” to Abby, who will be working to uncover the secrets of the swamp-born virus plaguing a small Louisiana town, a virus that will lead her to discover the dark and mystical secrets of the eponymous swamp. The only other detail we have about the character is that he’s gay, which is always good to know.

This is one more casting that slowly fills in our understanding of the upcoming Warner Bros. show, which definitely seems to be moving in a pretty heavily environmentally focused, somewhat grounded approach to the source material.

Swamp Thing is set to debut on DC Universe this year.

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I hope the show does well so I one day will get to see The Rot on screen.