Wesley Snipes Battles Aliens in the Crazy-Looking Scifi Action Film The Recall

Always bet on Wesley Snipes, seen here in The Recall. Image: Minds Eye
Always bet on Wesley Snipes, seen here in The Recall. Image: Minds Eye
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Aliens are invading Earth. Who better to keep you safe than Wesley Snipes?

That’s just part of the plot to The Recall, a new scifi film that’ll be out in June. The rest involves a group of teenagers (including Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte) who go to a cabin in the woods for the weekend—which is always a good idea in movies. However, instead of being stalked by an evil being, they just so happen to be there when aliens come to Earth for some kind of massive event. Thankfully, Snipes’ character knows what’s up.


Here’s the first trailer for The Recall.

That looks pretty fun, right? What’s even cooler about The Recall is that it’s initially being released only in Barco Escape theaters. Barco Escape is a theatrical experience where the screen is extended out on the left and right to give the viewer a three-screen, almost 180-degree surround viewing experience. In fact, The Recall is the first movie shot in the format.

That version opens on June 2. Then on June 16, The Recall opens in traditional theaters and On Demand. Get more information here.

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This might sound besides the point, but whoever organized that trip is a dick. You have one couple that is going to be screwing the entire weekend and two guys and a girl... meaning that either the poor girl is going to spend the whole weekened in the middle of a pissing contest for her affections or one of the guys is going to be left as a fifth wheel.