Wesley Snipes Invented Street Rules!

Wesley Snipes is the unsung hero of B-movies - no matter how craptastic the flick, he's always there to pull it out and bring in a little class. Well, except in Future Sport, a movie so terrible that it can't even be saved by Wesley Snipes on an antigrav skateboard, with a fake Jamaican accent and faker dreads (WHY, WESLEY, WHY?), beating the crap out of annoying white dudes.

What is the plot of Future Sport, featuring Dean "Lois Lane's bitch" Cain? I bet you can tell me. Yes, it's a dystopian future world where reality media has gone crazy. And people watch death sports for fun. And there are greedy sports team owners, and greedy media network owners, and hapless players who are turned into death machines to get bigger audience share. And there are some hot ladies and some hot guys and they all wear bike helmets. Plus Vanessa Williams!


Future Sport [via IMDB]

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Dystopia! Take a shot!