Werewolf-Vampire Threeways Upgraded To Angels In A Ménage à Trois

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We called the "angels are the new vampires" trend months ago, and already the facts are stacking up to bolster our claims. Disney's purchase of Lauren Kate's tween againsty angel book Fallen adds fuel to the sexy angel fire.


THR reported that Disney has picked up the rights to the brand new YA series Fallen. The first book is already out and there are three more yet to come, all of which Disney now own.


The story is strikingly similar to Meyer's vamp series. A misunderstood girl meets a mysterious boy that she's strangely drawn to. What's his ace in the hole? Why he's a fallen angel, doncha know, hence the title. Plus there's another angel, also fallen, that she's also drawn to, and they fight over her, as men are wont to do. Sign me up. And while we're at it bring on Legion, Hush Hush and Going Bovine.

via THR

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what ever happened to the portrayal of angels as the terrible messengers of god?

I seem to recall that, in biblical sources at least, whenever an angel showed up people would usually loose their shit.

these angel are more like Fairies...or rather the new-age, shitty version of Fairies...

Angels had their last and best expression in Paradise Lost...coming to theatres 2011 :\