Were the Chile earthquakes related to "a shining light emerging from the sea"?

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Reports of weird glowing lights and "shining globes" emerging from the sea have circulated in Chilean coastal towns for years. When last year's earthquake hit, these sightings increased. The recent quake saw another wave of UFO reports.

Latin American UFO blog Inexplicata reproduces a report from a few days ago:

On this occasion it was night watchman Ricardo González Monrroy who saw a shining white light emerge from the sea on the night of Tuesday the 14th at 12:50 p.m.. The light blinked a few times, suspended in the air for a few moments, and then began moving horizontally toward the south before vanishing in the horizon. These strange lights do not make any sound whatsoever and are very bright. Moreover, on Friday the 17th of this month [December 2010], Mr. Edison Coronado, a draftsman for a company, left his office late at 10:00 p.m and became aware of a very bright light approaching land from the sea's horizon. Given that it wasn't a commercial airline route, he was startled by the light and stayed behind to look at it. As it grew closer, he was able to describe the light as a large moving star. When it was overhead, it stopped for a few seconds before accelerating, vanishing in a matter of seconds. Next, three luminous spots appeared in the place where it had disappeared, forming a triangle that blinked for a few moments before fading away.

The antecedents of the UFO case histories for this specific area (Bajo Molle) are quite old, and include luminous spheres that emerge from the sea. All of this has been confirmed by Alejandro Dávalos, who has been a privileged witness to this phenomenon. He adds that since the area is high up, looking down on the ocean, he has seen luminous spheres under the water more than once, which would make them USOs (unidentified submarine objects). Furthermore, he adds that more than once he has thought – as have many local residents – that there is a base or meeting point for these lights under the sea, making these sightings even more fantastic and bizarre.


Could these lights be related to quake activity? Or is it simply that when people live through horrific disasters they tend to take unexplained lights in the ocean more seriously?

via Inexplicata

You can also learn more about UFO and USO activity off the coast of Chile and Peru via Open Minds.

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