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We're Starting To Think Cloverfield Has No Monster

Illustration for article titled Were Starting To Think Cloverfield Has No Monster

Paramount released another photo from the upcoming Cloverfield yesterday, and it's nothing less than completely pointless. The poster for the movie tells us loads more than the above shot featuring actors Michael Stahl-David and Mike Vogel does. But leaking irrelevant pictures is typical Hollywood behavior. Still, give us a little monster willya?


Director Matt Reeves told Variety yesterday, "The fun thing is you do see everything over the course of the movie in several different ways, but it's filmed heavily from one point-of-view. You move quickly. By the end you have intimate contact." So that means we'll at least find out what the monster is. Until then, give us some fake tissue samples, "leaked" government documents, a Photoshopped aerial photo of the destruction, or some more weepy hand-held camera wailings. Just no more photos like this, please.

New Look at Vogel and Stahl-David in 'Cloverfield' [Bloody Disgusting]

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The secret to the Blair Witch project was to get WAYYY freakin hyped on coffee before going in to the theater. Without borderline hypertension, BWP sucked.