There's a bunch of online speculation that this celebrity-filled fake hoverboard commercial is actually a secret viral for Back To the Future 4. But we're pretty sure it's just a fake ad, plain and simple.

Some folks think the random countdown on HuvrTech's website and the handful of celebrity cameos in this hastily made "commercial" are secretly teasing a new BTTH movie. For example, TechCrunch writes:

[The ad] involves Billy Zane (he was a bully in Back to the Future, in case you lack in the Zane brain department), plus technobabble nonsense about how the fake hoverboards work. Some in the office are speculating this could be a teaser for Back To The Future 4, so let's all pray that's the case.


But people are already beginning to raise some well-founded doubts:

But what do you think — commercial for an imaginary product or a tease for a massive announcement regarding a very lucrative movie franchise, buried on Youtube?

UPDATE: Thanks to Devin Faraci we now know that this is viral for Funny or Die, sorry to burst your bubble, folks. HOVERBOARDS AREN'T REAL.


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