We're having a Gif Party! For Science.

That's right — we're having a Gif Party! But not just any Gif Party, nope, this one is for Science.

Have a gif of a favorite science experiment or perhaps a gif of a pair of cat lungs at the moment they inflate? Well, this is the place for it. We want to see all the most amazing gifs from chemistry, tech, physics, biology, cartography, anatomy, or space — like this gorgeous gif here, which stitches together a full day's worth of images from Russia's Elektro-L meteorological satellite during the autumnal equinox.


So pick your favorite science gifs and drop them into the comments for us, along with an explanation of just what we're seeing and the science behind it. Party on, people.

Image: Igor Tirsky, Vitaliy Egorov / Roscosmos (via NASA).


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