We're Getting a Whole Year of Never-Before-Seen Star Trek History in 2016

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Next year marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, and fans are getting a lot to celebrate with—a new movie in Star Trek Beyond, and the promise of a brand new Star Trek show in early 2017. But every day of 2016, they’re going to get an extra treat: rare pieces of Star Trek history, unearthed from Gene Roddenberry’s collection.


The 366 project, revealed by Entertainment Weekly, will see one picture of a rare or never-before-seen item from original Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s vault, maintained by Roddenberry Entertainment, released on the company’s Facebook page every day in 2016. 366 items, 366 days. Thanks, leap year!

On top of the 366 items waiting to be revealed, Entertainment Weekly got a look at an extra three pieces from Roddenberry’s vault, including the above storyboard art of the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, a behind-the-scenes image of Leonard Nimoy from the movie (the actor had, at first, flatly refused to return as Mr. Spock), and, perhaps most interestingly of all, an early draft of the original series’ iconic opening narration from Captain Kirk:

This is the story of the United Space Ship Enterprise. Assigned a five year patrol of our galaxy, the giant starship visits Earth colonies, regulates commerce, and explores strange new worlds and civilizations. These are its voyages… and its adventures.


Slightly less poetic than “Where no man has gone before.” What might have been, eh? Head on over to the links below to see the rest of the images.

[Roddenberry Entertainment via Entertainment Weekly]

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I finished the 3-volume “These are the Voyages”, so I will be quite surprised and pleased if they really have a whole year of secret Star Trek goodness! Supercool.