We're getting a Max Steel movie instead of a Thundercats movie

Illustration for article titled Were getting a emMax Steel/em movie instead of a emThundercats/em movie

Max Steel — a cartoon that looks like Tron but isn't — is getting its own movie. Seriously, who do we have to jazz-dance seduce to get a live-action Thundercats movie instead?

Max Steel is an action figure line from Mattel, which spawned an animated series that ran from 2000 to 2002, and a reboot that's currently airing on Disney XD. Originally centered around a sports star turned secret spy (as they do), the new Disney XD reboot is way crazier. Max Steel has been turned into two souls: Max the human organism, and Steel, his alien robot friend who likes to go Turbo and solve crimes or something.

Christopher Yost will pen the live-action movie script, and Stewart Hendler is on to direct.


Back in 2009 the shaved gazelle formerly known as Taylor Lautner was trotted around as a possible lead for a live-action movie. But now that Twilight-mania is over, we assume Paramount will try and dig up another hairless lead for the role. [via Collider]

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I'm glad there is no Thundercats movie. Because you KNOW Hollywood would screw it up royally one way or the other. And honestly after a godawful comic adaptation that came out in the early 2000s that included classy scenes such as these:

and the uneven anime series that Cartoon Network released,I think Thundercats is better left off as nostalgia.