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We're Getting A LEGO Movie Spinoff About Batman! Darkness! No Parents!

Illustration for article titled Were Getting A emLEGO Movie/em Spinoff About Batman! Darkness! No Parents!

Cue up the Bat-metal! Will Arnett will be reprising his role as the self-important Batman from The LEGO Movie for his very own plastic adventure. And the script is being penned by the author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.


The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Chris McKay, who served as animation supervisor on The LEGO Movie, will be directing LEGO Batman, with Arnett once again giving gravely voice to the Caped Crusader. Seth Grahame-Smith will be writing the script, and Roy Lee, Dan Lin, and The LEGO Movie co-directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller will all be producing. They're aiming for a 2017 release.

Miller confirmed the report with this tweet, parodying that Batman v. Superman promo image:


For now, let's just kick back and listen to those Bat-tunes.

[via /Film]

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