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Since Star Wars first premiered back in 1977, there have been approximately half a million different R2-D2 toys produced. That’s fine if you’re a fan of Artoo, but those with more discerning tastes will be happy to learn we’re finally getting a toy version of the Mouse Droid that briefly made an appearance in A New Hope, only to be scared off by Chewbacca.

Often referred to as the toaster droid, the toy version, which will come with rechargeable batteries when it’s available come mid-December, includes a wireless remote that can be used to steer the Mouse Droid around, but also trigger movie-authentic sound effects.


There’s just one catch. Now that Disney owns everything Star Wars, it’s using the films to lure people to its theme parks, and unfortunately the RC Mouse Droid will only be available from its park’s gift shops. But hopefully the mouse will eventually bring it to Disney Stores as well so no one ever needs to travel to Florida.

[Walt Disney World News Today]


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