We're finally getting a Constantine TV show!

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Hollywood is finally answering your "please turn this into a TV show" prayers: Constantine the comic series is becoming a TV series. ABOUT DAMN TIME.


Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros. TV and DC Comics are already to develop another yet another comic book series. Constantine (which non comic fans will remember from the Keanu Reeves flick back in 2005) is getting its very own TV show. Centered around a reformed criminal trying to buy his way back into heaven by sending meddling demons (and the like) straight to hell, this is the PERFECT collection of comics to become a TV series.

David S. Goyer and Daniel Cerone (from the Mentalist) are producing and penning the series. The comic was sold to NBC. Could there will be a Constantine, Arrow and Flash meet up in the future?



I appreciate the optimism being projected here, though I don't share it.

I am a huge fan of the John Constantine mythos, and I would not be happy to see a TV show made, especially a childish, watered-down version.

John Constantine is an odd character. The Alan Moore version from Swamp Thing is all but forgotten these days, and now people are most familiar with the Garth Ennis style of writing. A man who is mean, desperate, and hard.

We're talking about a guy who shot demon heroin into his junkie friend to give a monster something to consume. A guy who manifested a demon Fuckpig into the body of a little boy who went on to impregnate his own father. The Constantine mythology is steeped in rape, emotional abuse, and basically the most unpleasant crap an adult-comic could manage. And I would argue that's the point of Constantine comics. He's a horror character, who deals with psychologically exploitive sadomasochistic scenes. He's a bad man who confronts worse things. The worse things adult horror writers can imagine.

My favourite Constantine story might be the one where he finds the man who beat, raped, and killed his ex-girlfriend. John finds the guy, puts him on 4 hits of really strong acid, and then sticks him in a box with the warming corpse of the murdered girl. No magic, no jokes. Just people being truly grotesque and horrible.

I have a hard time imagining that even an HBO series could bring the adult horror and spiritual nihilism of John Constantine to life. And anything less will feel... empty? Meaningless? Like an insult to the original idea?

I certainly don't care for the idea of Constantine crossing over with ARROW (which was just filming the alley behind my store last night). ARROW has a cute, childish tone that works well for it, but would not fit Constantine at all.

Keeping in mind as well that SUPERNATURAL already nailed the "tan trenchcoat and a tie" look.