We're Dying To Visit This Weird New Museum of Curiosities

Seriously, any museum with a "Cabinet of Death" display is something you don't want to sleep on. The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities in London displays the entire collection of the proudly eccentric Mr. Wynd, and it's full of weird and wonderful things (mostly weird though).

Co.Design offers just a taste of what's in store for visitors' hungry eyeballs:

Shrunken heads, narwhal tusks, anteater skeletons, taxidermied flamingoes, hydrocephalic cows, Victorian fetuses, Furbies, a giant hairball from a cow's stomach, Napoleon's death mask, dodo bird bones, [and] jars of the excrement of celebrities (including Amy Winehouse and Kylie Minogue).


The museum began in 2009 as the appropriately-named Little Shop of Horrors; after it was granted museum status, it launched a successful Kickstarter last year to expand its exhibits and lecture programming (hoped-for topics include "aquarium husbandry, surrealism, the Mitfords, Sadism, taxidermy, and the occult"), plus a cocktail bar.

For those of us who can't easily make it to London (DANG IT ... and yep, that's Napoleon's death mask in the image above), Wynd's penned a companion book that "takes readers on a tour of homes, private collections, and museums that share his fondness for things arcane, desiccated, antique, or just plain odd;" it also offers tips on how readers can get the ball rolling on their own collections.

Since this advice is coming from a fellow, pictured below in front of the museum (he's the one in the fur coat ... on the right), who "lives in an overflowing house-museum he calls Fantasy Wyndworld, kept company by exotic pets" and who makes declarations like "Collecting is an infectious disease!", seems like there'd be no better starting point for budding bizarre-ephemera enthusiasts.


Top and middle images via Co.Design; lower image of Wynd via Kickstarter.

H/t Curbed.


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