We're Already Getting Rumors About Future The Mandalorian Casting

Sophie Thatcher in 2019.
Sophie Thatcher in 2019.
Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images)

The production of The Mandalorian’s second season was followed by a ton of rumors about casting, a couple of which we already know to be true. Now, the second season hasn’t even finished running yet and the rumor mill is continuing apace, giving us a potential preview at both The Mandalorian and the growing Star Wars televised universe.

In a new report from Empire Online, which confirmed that Disney does seem to be planning to start up production on The Mandalorian season 3 by the end of 2020, Sophie Thatcher is up for a potential role in either The Mandalorian or an unspecified Star Wars TV project. Thatcher, known for roles in The Tomorrow Man and Chicago Med, could be heading to The Mandalorian. Or to Leslye Headland’s martial arts Star Wars project. Or to the rumored Boba Fett miniseries. Or, hell, maybe the Obi-Wan Kenobi mini-series? Or something else entirely?

That’s really all we know so far. But it confirms that, if you expected the casting rumors to slow down in the wake of our reunion with the Mando and the Child, you were wrong. The Star Wars TV universe is going to keep growing, and growing, and growing, and the headlines will never stop. Like the Force itself: where there is light, there must also be dark. Hope you like Star Wars casting news.


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Actually I do like Star Wars casting news. I like it far better than plot spoilers, which become unavoidable even if I try really hard to skip over them. They very rapidly become assumed to be true and then assumed everyone already agrees and knows them, and then they end up in headlines.

All I want is casting news and official photos and press releases. Spoilers are called that for a reason. You can only watch something for the first time once, please don’t sully that experience with any plot or character reveal spoilers.

I am not necessarily talking to io9 as the worst culprits regarding this, but you can’t pretend you’ve not been guilty of it sometimes.