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We're Already Afraid of Karyn Kusama's Sex-Tampering Body Horror

Illustration for article titled Were Already Afraid of Karyn Kusamas Sex-Tampering Body Horror

Jennifer's Body director Karyn Kusama is subjecting our favorite long-lashed librarian, Rachel Weisz, to Cronenberg-inspired body horror in her next potential film project. In an exclusive interview with Kusama we talked gore, blood, guts, and future horror projects.


Kusama shared an interesting little newsy bit about her body horror screenplay she's presently trying to get made with Rachel Weisz.

io9: What's next for after Jennifer's Body - will you stay in the supernatural, horror or genre realm?


KK: There's a screenplay I wrote a while a go with a partner that has a sort of element of horror, although I would call it a psychological horror in the David Cronenberg tradition, that I'm tying to get made.

io9: How are you influenced by David Cronenberg?

He's a very important film maker to me. I've watched a lot of his movies with a lot of admiration. I feel like he's somebody who early in his career found ways to marry concepts of horror and certainly elements of gore, but those elements had some sort of deeper meaning, beyond the surface of the movie.

And you're applying that to your screenplay inspired by him? Can you talk about that at all?

It definitely does fall into sort of a body horror movie that deals very, very specifically with our concept of gender. I can't really talk to you specifically about it other than to say that Rachel Weisz is attached to the film.


Rachel Weisz and gender issues - I'm excited!

Me too actually. Let's hope that some day it finally gets some money.

So we don't know too much about this project just yet, but you have to admire someone attempting to bring back the Cronen-gore, although I shudder to think of anything happening gender-wise to the lovely Rachel Weisz. But I'd love to see more body-bending effects akin to Videodrome and The Fly.


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