We're All The Questing Robot In This Bleak Existential Film

A robot's quest for meaning unfolds with beautiful despair in the short film We Were Not Made for This World. Let the stark and lovely visuals wash over you as you listen to the tale of the robot's search for the beings who created him.


Colin West McDonald directed this short, adapted from the comic of the same name by Paul Hornschemeier. It's a wonderful meditation on the search for purpose and the possible futility of that very search.

[via Kuriositas]

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Ah, but see, if we really think about it, the metaphor doesn't quite work for us meatbags.

Very clearly the blind forces of natural selection did shape us for the world—at least to the forager world we were all part of a few hundred thousand years ago. Instead, the trouble started when we used our minds and hands to build a new world that was very alien to the life we experienced over that vast majority of our 7 million year history on this rock.

There was no maker of our minds and bodies, that's just evolution. However there are makers of the world we now all live in. We ourselves are the makers. We made this world. And it's this world we made that we are not well suited for.