Another "She who would be Black Cat" rumor is churning through the Internet. This time, it's Get Smart star Anne Hathaway rumored to be up for the role.

Nikki Finke, who actually has pretty reliable sources, is playing the "I know who the Black Cat is" game. First it was Rachel McAdams, then Romola Garai, and earlier this week Julia Stiles was thrown into the mix. But now Finke is claiming that Anne Hathaway has been approached for a role in Spider-Man 4.

While Sony Pictures insists no decisions have been made, sources tell me that the producers have approached Anne Hathaway to star in the film.


At least it's a step forward from reports of "auditioning". But maybe we can start a rumor next that Kristen Bell is up for the role? Because she would be actually, you know, good as Black Cat?

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