We're About To Get A Lot More Hours Of The Stand Than We Thought

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The Wrap is reporting that in addition to a planned film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel The Stand, Warner Brothers and CBS films are looking at putting together a television miniseries that will lead into the movie.

In February 2014, writer and director Josh Boone (Fault In Our Stars) was brought on to helm the project, and he indicated later that year in November that the project would be split into a total of four films. Now, it seems that the studio is looking to adapt the story as a television miniseries which will culminate in a movie.


If this plan works out, it’ll be the second time The Stand has been adapted for the small screen: the novel was the basis for a 1994 4-part miniseries on ABC, which starred Gary Sinise and Molly Ringwald. According to The Wrap, “Boone is expected to set his sights on several A-listers, many of whom have become more interested in doing limited TV in the wake of HBO’s ‘True Detective.’”

This isn’t the first time a Stephen King novel has faced an ambitious adaptation project. Previous plans for The Gunslinger have included a television and movie adaptation, although it has yet to materialize.

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They should make the movie first since the best parts of the book are at the beginning. They’re going to have a tough time topping Gary Sinese and Ray Walston though, not to mention Bill Fagerbakke.