Wellness Skull Is a Sauna of Death

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From the same guys that created the SlaveCity dystopia comes a cool alternative to the warmly lit, lavender-scented spa of the present—a giant skull with separate compartments for all your relaxation needs. The Wellness Skull houses a bath in its neck, a sauna in the head, and hot steam spouts at the eye sockets. There's no pretentious receptionist or wind-chime music to help you chill out—stepping into the skull will instantly take away the worries of contemporary society and fill you with thoughts of life, death, and the emptiness of our physical selves. It's like an instant dose of existential meditation. Atelier van Lieshout main page




...yes.... - and the imagery of steam coming out of its eyes and wierd colours/sounds out of other orifices will make an excellent spectacle for the neighbors who were wondering what this Raiders of Ark-i-esque idol was doing. All sigh when realized that no pagan rituals will ensue...