Well, The First U.S. Trailer For Snowpiercer Looks Awesome, At Least

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When we last left Snowpiercer, Harvey Weinstein had finally given up his vision of taking out 25 minutes of footage and adding narration to the already award-winning film from Bong Joon-Ho, but had decided to give it a limited a release. As this first U.S. trailer shows, it's still going to be worth tracking down.


Man, I thought all the other international and festival circuit trailers were good. This one... this one tells us everything we need to know, about the setting, the characters and the conflict, and makes it look awesome while not spoiling the big stuff. I'm kind of shocked that after all the difficulty it's taken to get the director's cut of the movie over to America, we're not getting saddled with some clichéd "In a world where only one train runs on time..." nonsense. Blegh.

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Of course this is only going to be a limited release uggg it probably won't come anywhere near me.