In one iteration of Big Hero 6's story had Baymax battling (or perhaps failing to battle) a wrestler while a crowd of gangsters looked on. This concept art by Ryan Lang shows what could have been. Check out more alternative and developmental Big Hero 6 art below.

Lang writes this about the piece:

This was an concept piece I did for a moment that was in an earlier version of the movie, but this image ended up in the "art of" book. This was a fun piece. I actually named all the gangsters in the back based off of local/japanese food you can get in Hawaii, where I was born and raised. I think I was pushing for a late 70's/ early 80's vibe, which I thought would have been awesome. Think of an animated sci-fi superhero movie, in the period of "American Hustle", and that's what I was trying to get across.

That's not the only piece of Big Hero 6 concept art that Lang has shared. He also has a more Gundam-like design for Baymax's red armor:

And an earlier version of Fred's Frank Frazetta-inspired portrait:


Yahoo! Movies spotted some other neat Big Hero 6 concept art, including a different version of the teleportation portal by Mike Yamada:

And art director Scott Watanabe's incredible sketches of the city of San Fransokyo:


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