We'll Return to The Good Place for a Second Season

Image: Vivian Zink/NBC
Image: Vivian Zink/NBC

If you haven’t been watching The Good Place, you have been missing out. And now you have even more of a reason to binge the show: to catch up before season two premieres.


NBC has given an early renewal to The Good Place, the half-hour comedy starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. The original premise of the show was that Eleanor (Bell) found herself dead and in “the Good Place,” a neighborhood especially designed to be perfect heaven for the people living there. Eleanor realizes she’s there by mistake and tries to do everything she can to stay and deserve to stay. Danson played Michael, the architect of the town.

The Good Place was a show packed with jokes, many of which fly by so fast you barely get a chance to appreciate them before they go. It also had one hell of a season finale, so the fact that we’ll actually get to see how it turns out is great.

We have no news on exactly when the show will be returning, but, like the first season, it will be 13 episodes long.


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What the fork? This is exciting bullshirt!

Curious to see what season 2 will look like actually. That ending was pretty great. Ted Danson in particular was amazing in that final third of the finale.