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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Furious 7's director may be heading to a DC movie. Eddie Redmayne could be taking a major role away from Matt Smith, and another star joins Star Trek 3. Take another look at Melissa Benoist's Supergirl costume. Plus, what's to come on Walking Dead, and Maisie Williams talks Doctor Who. Here be Spoilers!


Top image: Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

The mystery woman from the trailers has been cut from the film, according to Entertainment Weekly:

Remember when the second trailer came out and there was a mysterious woman disrobing beside a pool of water inside a cave? Everyone was trying to guess who she might be – Maybe Shuri, Black Panther’s sister, or a member of his personal bodyguard corps, the Dora Milaje? Maybe Jacosta, the “female” mechanism Ultron created in the comics as his bride? I spun a whole theory that this woman could be one of the Eternals, who provide a mystical alternative to the problem of how to defeat an indestructible consciousness like Ultron.

Forget all that. Here’s the answer: She’s no one. That is, she’s not in the movie.


Much more at the link. [EW]

Here's almost 10 minutes of B-Roll footage from filming. [ CBR]

And here's a gallery of new pictures from Entertainment Weekly — see more at the link. [via Comic Book Movie]

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Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Eddie Redmayne is now apparently the frontrunner to play Newt Scamander, a role that was previously said to be going to Doctor Who's Matt Smith. [ THR]


Star Trek 3

Kingsman's Sofia Boutella has been cast in a lead role. [Deadline]


James Wan is being eyed as Warner Bros.' first choice to direct the movie. [ THR]


The Flash

Following rumours, Chris Miller and Phil Lord have been confirmed to script the movie. Warner Bros. are apparently looking for them to direct as well. [ Deadline]


Fantastic Four

Here's another picture of the Thing in action. [ Entertainment Weekly]

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Ryan Reynolds has tweeted a first look at Negasonic Teenage Warhead:


Doctor Who

Maisie Williams teases her role on the show in an interview on UK chat show Chatty Man:

There's been a lot of speculation about whether she's like a younger Clara or whether she is a new character completely. I'm not going to tell you which one.

...Whether she is good or bad is up for discussion, I think. She does put the Doctor to the test and it's sort of a dynamic that we haven't seen before.


[via RTE]

12 Monkeys

Terry Matalas talks about what's to come on season 2:

Will we get more of definitive sense of why the Army of the 12 Monkeys is so dead set on ending the world?

Yes, next season you will know what their master plan is and how a plague fits into it and how possessing this time machine fits into it.

Because Cole saved Ramse, will he be an ally again?

Ramse still loves his brother, and Cole still loves his brother. It’s about the two of them in that they’re going to have to find another way. You can argue they’re both right and both wrong about what to do about the future. Ramse was around for 30 years thinking he killed Cole. It wasn’t like Ramse sat there, twirled his mustache and gleefully thought about killing 7 billion people as much as it was about his son. It’s going to be interesting to dive deeper into what those 30 years were for Ramse and what he is on the other side now seeing Cole again.


[ EW]


Here's a brief introduction to BBC3's new supernatural TV series, which aired last night in the UK:

Layton gets back on message and agrees, “I think it really suits BBC Three.”

That it does, as a youth-oriented story of two twenty-something backpackers, Kyle and Budgie, who’ve escaped their real lives so they can get wasted and get laid on a paradisiacal island. A supernatural mystery quickly ensues when the boys drink a traditional Maori hallucinogen and Kyle starts to see visions of a young islander’s corpse.


[ Den of Geek]

Orphan Black

Spoiler TV has a preview for the first episode of season 3:

"The Weight of This Combination” will pick up right after the events of the series finale, with Rachel and the pencil in her eyes… It’ll still be gross. Then there will be a little time jump but Project Castor, and Helena’s disappearance (Arg Mrs S !), will still be the top priorities of Dyad and the sisters. Especially when a cleaner is sent by Top Site to investigate what happened at Dyad with Project Leda.


Agents Of SHIELD

Here's a brief synopsis for "The Dirty Half Dozen":

"The Dirty Half Dozen" - Gonzales and Coulson must find a way to put their differences aside and work together against Hydra, even if it means teaming up with someone they don't trust, on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."


[ Marvel]

May and Simmons are disconcerted about the extent of Coulson's secrecy in this clip from "Melinda". [CBR]

The Returned

Here's an advance preview for "Lucy":

Lucy’s condition takes an unexpected turn with surprising developments. Claire (Tandi Wright) has her eyes opened about Lena (Sophie Lowe) in a couple of ways. Peter (Jeremy Sisto) and Henry/Victor (Dylan Kingwell) go on a road trip to visit a grave. Jack (Mark Pellegrino) ends up seeming more together than a lot of the other characters. Julie (Sandrine Holt) visits Helen (Michelle Forbes) and learns Victor’s history. Three couples have sex while one couple does not. Two characters contemplate suicide.


[Spoiler TV]


According to David Ramsey, the the identity of Felicity's father will be a big reveal on the show. Speaking at MegaCon, responding to a fan asking if Felicity could beat Caitlin Snow in a fight, stated that once viewers found out who Felicity's father was, they would know why she was so tough. [h/t commenter Ben Grimm]


Person Of Interest

Here's a preview for "Terra Incognita":

The episode features three different storylines, or, more accurately, time periods. The first is a set of flashbacks to earlier in the show - more specifically, just a short time after the opening two episodes of season two, and Finch makes a hilarious mention of Bear to show us that. These feature Reese and Carter. The second is the present day where Reese is working on a number and the third is flashbacks to seven years ago where Carter is investigating a case.The number Reese is dealing with is connected with Carter’s cold case and so things come quite full circle in that by stopping or saving this number, Reese might be able to close that case.


[ Spoiler TV]

The Walking Dead

The cast and crew teases what's to come on the show. [ Spoiler TV]

The Flash

Ray Palmer decides on his superhero name in this clip from "All-Star Team Up". [ Coming Soon]


Here's a BTS picture of Melissa Benoist in costume. [ Krypton Site]

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Anne and Lucy Lawless' Countess Marburg have a spooky bath-side chat in this clip from "Blood Kiss". [ Spoiler TV]


Nick and Hank learn about a Native American legend in this clip from "Mishipeshu". [ Spoiler TV]

Wayward Pines

Finally, here's a trio of new promos for M. Night Shyamalan's new thriller. [ Spoiler TV]

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