Welcome to the school for re-socialized killbots

The first day of school at the special academy for former killbots is always a sensitive time. The mega-assassins and armored AI look wistfully back on their lives of bloody marauding before they climb the steps to the re-socialization classroom.

Actually that image is concept art from the movie Arbeiter, which is an alternate history of World War II where the Nazis invent stealth armor. It was created by Robert Simons, who has also designed a number of amazing space war images. Currently, he's drawing work for an imaginary scifi adaptation of Pirates of the Carribean called Pirates of the Nebula. I would pay serious booty to see that flick on screen.

See more of Simons' work on his website, where he's adding new images from the pirate story on a regular basis. (Spotted on Concept Ships)


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