Welcome to the land of houses the size of play forts

We do enjoy some ridiculously small houses here at io9, so we find Derek Diedricksen's passion for building miniature houses in his backyard rather endearing.


Yes, Diedricksen's yard is an incubator for all manner of tiny concept homes. Some of the designs are more deranged than others and they all can be constructed on the cheap. Among those you can find in backyard are "the 20-square-foot travel trailer/emergency homeless shelter (Gottagiddaway), the roughly 6 square foot treehouse/chicken coop (the Wedgie) and the 11-square-foot kiosk/single-sleeper (the Gypsy Junker)." You can see him show off his many microhomes in the above video.

[Fair Companies via Treehugger]

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