Welcome to the First World Clone Summit

Neasden Control Centre, a London artist project that quickly became a cult favorite after doing funky commercial prints for hot shot clients like MTV and Esquire in the early 2000s, has a cool new book out. It's called Lost Control, and it features 192 pages of full-color art, mostly original, 99% hand-drawn, depicting a range of neat-o concepts like diagrammed astronauts and a woodblock print-like greyhound running through bubble-letters. The picture above is my favorite. It's a summit of clones.

They're sitting down, very clone-like, for a meeting. They all have official name tags and little mics to speak into. Not like they need it—they're probably all thinking the same thing. At least they won't have a problem reaching a unanimous decision. Image from "Lost Control" published by Die Gestalten Verlag


Lost Control [via PingMag]

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