Welcome to the Cloning Center

This mansion would make the perfect setting for a movie about a sleazy international gang of rogue cloners. Something about the curvy lines and ultra-white surfaces on Dupli Casa in German just says "science crime." And when you see the house from other angles, you realize that's because of all the visual trickery involved in creating it. Designed in the 1980s by J. Meyer H. Architects, the house perfectly matches the footprint of this Euro-Chalet-looking place that originally occupied the land.


Below are the back, side, and interior of the house. The shape of the house is liquidy, with courtyards shaped like splotches of paint and the house itself seeming to drip down the side of the hill it's on. Adding to the liquidy feel are the two pools that bracket the house: One is inside and one outside (you can see it lit up in the middle picture). And of course the interior of the house is almost confusingly curvy, with those high, nested ceilings. All that empty space is probably normally filled up with the cloners' equipment. They're cooking up babies to sell to rich people who want perfect duplicates of themselves.


Photographs by David Franck. Dupli Casa [via Yatzer]

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