Welcome to New York 2023, where every surface is a DNA scanner

Here's Plurality, director Dennis Liu's 14-minute concept piece about a futuristic New York where every handrail and wall can read your genetic material, rendering credit cards and keys contrivances of the past. This newfangled Bentham Grid also has a side that makes civil libertarians cringe — namely that law enforcement is now using it to catch perpetrators. Here's the synopsis:

After the state of New York gives the police access to "The Grid," a new technology that allows people to purchase anything with a quick scan of their fingerprint, crime drops almost instantly. However, they also discover that certain people are popping up in two places at once.


We imagine that in 2023 New York City, residents are nostalgic for a subway that cannot read your butt curvature the same way some folks today lament the disappearance of Time Square's peep shows. (Hat tip to Adam.)

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Why is that Sci-Fi characters are never capable of naming their technology without invoking some allusion with unfortunate implications? Betham "end justifies the means" survillance grid, Icarus "totally not gonna crash" starship. Goliath "well gunned and well armoured except for that one critical weakness" tank...