Welcome to Junk City

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One of Japanese artist Enoki Chu's newest installations is RPM-1200, a futuristic, crescent-shaped skyline made with pieces of junk metal polished to a brilliant shine. You can't tell from the picture, but this is an impressive sculpture that stands 11 feet tall and has a diameter of 15 feet.

You also might never guess that the metal he uses to create this intricate design comes from old drill bits and machine parts. Enoki's often categorized as avant-garde, but really, he's kind of in his own category. It's also hard to tell if this super-city is a utopia or a dystopia—on one hand, it looks like it could be Sheikh Mohammed's dream island, but on the other, Enoki deliberately positions it in a pitch dark room.

Enoki Chu via the Mori Art Museum

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Annalee Newitz

@tetracycloide: I think that's true. In Chicago, the lake is totally blocked by giant buildings. When I visited I remember thinking, "Where is this alleged great lake? All I see are highrise condos."