Welcome to io9's Winter Forecast, Our Weekly Livestream Discussion of Game of Thrones

Pictured left to right: io9's Beth Elderkin and guest Game of Thrones lover/master of Kinja Ali Philippedes.

Welcome to io9's Winter Forecast, our weekly “deathstream” covering all the carnage, mayhem, and plotting from Game of Thrones. This week, host Beth Elderkin and guest host Ali Philippedes talk about Arya’s latest act of vengeance, Euron Greyjoy’s weird outfit, and the Hound’s surprisingly poignant moment. Also, Ed Sheehan was there for some reason. Check in for io9's live breakdown of the biggest events in last night’s season seven premiere, as well as what’s to come in next week’s episode!


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Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.