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The world is a scary, dangerous place — but that’s okay, because we’re ready for action. This week is Action Hero Week at io9 and Gizmodo, and we’re celebrating our favorite heroes, and the gear that makes them extraordinary.


What makes someone a great action hero? It’s not just being willing and able to do insane stunts and survive falling off a building, although that doesn’t hurt. It’s rising to the challenge of an alien menace or a mad bomber. A superb action hero is willing to risk his or her life for others, and treats every fight or chase as a means to achieving the goal of saving the day. (Depending on how you define “saving” and “day.”)

Over at Gizmodo, we’re going to be looking at how you could become a great action hero in real life — including the kinds of upgrades that could give you superpowers. We’ll delve into the ways that your body could be getting supercharged in the coming decades, along with the present-day devices that allow you to have larger-than-life adventures.


Meanwhile, at io9, we’ll be looking at the science and psychology of action heroes, but also at our favorite heroes of science fiction and fantasy. We’re in the middle of summer movie madness right now, so it’s a perfect time to delve into our favorite adventures and the heroes that made them so great.

Action heroes aren’t just a form of (much needed) escapism — they also represent what we could be, if our scientific knowledge and our imaginations were just supercharged enough. So during Action Hero Week, we’ll be learning what action heroes can really mean to us!

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