Welcome Back Bobby! Jim Beaver Talks Supernatural Season 5

Jim Beaver scared us to death, letting everyone believe Bobby was going to die at the end of Supernatural season four. He talked to us about stringing the fans along, giving Dean a much-needed spanking... and season five's surprises. Spoilers...

For those of you who can't hear the video, Beaver admits he might not have done much to discourage fan speculation that Bobby was going to buy the farm at the end of season four. And apparently the outtake of the "Bobby tears Dean a new one" scene is priceless — I haven't seen the DVD box set yet, so I don't know if it's on there or not. Also, there are huge, huge surprises coming for Bobby in the first couple episodes of the season, which relate somehow to the fact that Dean and the angel Castiel go out drinking in an upcoming episode. But thank goodness, Bobby isn't going to be opening a bar.

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Does anyone know does Sammy still has his powers?