Orson Scott Card will not be seeing any profits from the Ender's Game movie. According to The Wrap, his deal was a straight payment for the movie rights, and that's it. So seeing or boycotting Ender's Game doesn't affect him or his money at all. Just FYI.


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Weird post. Because nobody ever bought Tolkien's books because of the movies, right? So the Tolkien estate didn't see any profits due to increased book sales because of exposure to Jackson's films? Same with Narnia and the C.S. Lewis estate, and by this logic I'm sure Suzanne Collins isn't seing a dime of increased book sales based on The Hunger Games films, and J.K Rowlings books sales didn't increase because of the Harry Potter films. Are you sure about that? Because that's kind of what you're saying here — that Card will not get anything ever based on a blockbuster film of his best-known work.

I don't care much either way if people see it or not, but please explain to us how no one will ever buy his books based on seeing the films, because that doesn't quite pass the WTF test. Just FYI.