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Yes, you read that right; Son of Zahn, a new TV series developed by Hollywood golden boys Phil Lord and Chris Miller (of The Lego Movie, 22 Jump Street and The Last Man on Earth fame), is on the way, starring a cartoon barbarian who returns to his living, breathing wife and kids after a decade terrorizing cartoon lands.


It’s a strange concept that would sound almost unbearably terrible — especially since Zahn is also returning to a dull office job — if Lord and Miller weren’t attached. I mean, they turned the similarly bizarre concept The Last Man of Earth into a funny, compelling TV series, so I’m definitely interested to see what they’d do with the difference between living and animated characters. The pair are developing the show for Fox, so I imagine the chances of it getting picked up are fairly high — Fox loves animation and Lord and Miller.

(That’s not Son of Zahn art up top, by the way — it’s Thundarr the Barbarian from his titular Hanna-Barbera cartoon. Just FYI.)


[Via The AV Club]

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