To prepare citizens for an atomic bomb disaster, the Soviet government prepared these helpful (but creepy) graphic posters and books. They explain everything from blast shielding and radiation wound care, to how to stand in a calm, single-file line as your city is being vaporized.

The Bomb

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How the Soviet Civil Defense alerts the public by television, radio and sirens

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A dosimeter DP-2 and DP-5V

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First Aid and medical attendance

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How to protect your farm

Chemical Weapons

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Fallout shelters under buildings, or on the premises of an industrial enterprise

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WMD Attack

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The Nuclear Blast

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Operations and reconnaissance after a nuclear attack

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Skin and respiratory protection

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Ground reconnaissance

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Posters showing how to protect against neutron bomb radiation and blast, 1986

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Gas Masks for children

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People are divided into organized walking groups and transported groups

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A cluster bomb attack

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