Weird Al's Live Music Video For Tacky Is Delightful Fun

Weird Al made a splash with his latest album Mandatory Fun last year, and he’s been on the road ever since. He’s just released his latest music video that compiles all of his wacky concert intros.


Yankovic’s concerts are hilarious multimedia affairs, complete with music videos, costume changes and more, and for this latest tour, he’s been starting off with a video for Tacky. Little do the audiences know that the video’s live, and he’s walking into the theater from the street.

This new video joins together footage from the various concerts that he’s held this year, and collectively, it’s a hoot.


Weird Al is touring for the rest of the year in Australia and New Zealand, but he’ll undoubtably be on the road again for 2016 in the US. Attendance is mandatory.

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Weird Al is the best. His 1989 movie UHF is an underrated, under-appreciated gem.

UHF, Orion Pictures, 1989