Weinsteins refuse to release Snowpiercer without cuts AND voiceovers

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Apparently negotiations between Snowpiercer director Bong Joon-Ho and producer Harvey Weinstein have broken down, because Playlist is reporting that Weinstein refuses to release the movie in North America at all unless he gets to give it what many in the industry call "the full Blade Runner."


The irony that Weinstein would be cutting 25 minutes (out of an 126-minute movie) of what pure character development (according to BFI's Tony Rayns), and then demand to awkwardly spell out that character development via these new voiceovers seems to be lost on him. He even wanted Neil Gaiman to write the voiceovers, as if that would class up this infinitely classless move in the slightest.

Harvey Weinstein doesn't just think you're too stupid to see Snowpiercer, he thinks you're too stupid to understand any movie where actors try to convey their thoughts and emotions through mere acting. Obviously you need to have it told directly to you, lest your brain explode trying to process the crazy "moving pictures" on screen without some kind of storytelling hand-holding.


[The Playlist via Gamma Squad]

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Jason Shankel

Thing is, the only true version of Blade Runner is the one with the unicorn dream AND the voice over.

Cuz replicants can't narrate for shit.

Actually, just watched BR recently with the thesis that not just Deckard but everyone in the film is a replicant. What we see on Earth is the remnants of human technology winding down after all the real people have died off or left.

That's why there are no children anywhere in the film. Everyone was grown in a vat.