Weekend Listening: Write Brothers' Take Flight

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Take Flight, the debut album from The Write Brothers, equal parts rapper Devon Ewalt and producer Dante Davinci is a seamless blend of geeky wordplay and hip hop. It’s a fun, engaging record, one that’s catchy and intimate at the same time.


Joined by guest vocals by the likes of Annie Costa, Caroline Rose, and Jer Coons, the album features a nice range of sounds across the seven tracks. Right from the get-go in ‘Lucid Dream’, there’s a ton of geeky references and allusions: there’s a trip to the moon, Clint Eastwood, Gary Larsen and Luke Skywalker mentioned throughout. This isn’t quite like nerdcore: they don’t quite wear their geekiness on their sleeves, but let the references do the heavy lifting with the imagery in the lyrics.

The album’s been on regular rotation on my headphones for a while now, and you can listen to (and download) the entire album for free on SoundCloud.

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Australia has Seth Sentry for nerd references hidden in straight up hip hop. His first album, This Was Tomorrow, is three years old now but I don’t know if it made any impact in the US so you may not have heard it.