Wednesday comics = new Kick-Ass, Lex Luthor, and some very Strange Tales

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What's new in comic shops this week? Ed Brubaker wraps up his latest Incognito miniseries, Bill Willingham pulls the plug on Jack of Fables, and enough one-shot comics are out to wallpaper your bedroom.


First Issues

Eric Powell of The Goon relaunches Godzilla for IDW, Joe Casey kicks off his new "superexploitation" miniseries Butcher Baker The Righteous Maker, and Image's Undying Love is a crime tale with Chinese vampires (not sure if they're of the hopping variety or not). Elephantmen Man And Elephantman follows the further adventures of the hippo detective Hip Flask. Age of X: Universe elucidates what's going on with the rest of the Marvel Universe during Mike Carey's alternate reality X-miniseries.


As for one-shot titles, we have Dollhouse Epitaphs: One Shot which sets up the new Dollhouse comic series (read a preview here), Nick Spencer wraps up his story about Superman's pal in Jimmy Olsen: One-Shot, Kelly Sue Deconnick's Captain America And The Secret Avengers covers Steve Rogers' female espionage squad, and Dean Haspiel does the art on Cyclops: One Shot.

Other Releases

In Action Comics, it's Lex Luthor versus Braniac. Scott Snyder pens new arcs on American Vampire and Detective Comics, Amazing Spider-Man covers Johnny Storm's wake, and the second issue of Kick-Ass 2 hits stands. There also new issues of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev's Scarlet and Terry Moore's Echoes.


Finale issues include the end of Ed Brubaker's Incognito: Bad Influences, Matt Fraction writes his final issue of Thor (before it's relaunched as Journey Into Mystery next month), and Bill Willingham finishes his run on Jack of Fables with issue #50.

Graphic Novels

The hardcover treatment of Marvel's Strange Tales 2 anthology is out, featuring contributions from (among many people) Harvey Pekar, Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez, Jeff Lemire. Grant Morrison's Batman And Robin: Batman Reborn is out in trade paperback. Paul Cornell's Superman: The Black Ring sees Lex Luthor battle DC's worst scum. New volumes of Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four and Secret Warriors are out too.


As usual, here's the list of everything being released to comic stores tomorrow, and you can find your nearest comic retailer here. Happy reading, gang, and I'm outta here like Rob Granito.

Top image: Incognito: Bad Influences #5 by Sean Phillips.


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