Wedgies Are The New Superpower

Are Leslie Nielsen and David Zucker funny anymore? Maybe you'll have an answer after watching the trailer for Superhero Movie, an attempt to make Scary Movie for comic book flicks. High school student Rick Riker gets bitten by a radioactive dragonfly, and develops powers similar to Spidey's, along with an apparent love for tighty-whitey underpants. The movie represents real a step down the ladder for director Craig Mazin, who directed The Specials in 2000. Skip this, and rent that. Find out why below.

David Zucker has been producing and directing comedy movies sporadically since Airplane!, and most recently directed Scary Movie 3, 4, and 5. I suppose if you're on a roll, why not stick with what you know... but do people care anymore? I seriously kept waiting for something funny to happen in this trailer, thinking it would elicit at least one laugh. Well, I was wrong. It devolves quickly into tired jokes and a superhero getting partially pantsed. Whoa! You can see his skivvies! Haw haw. The trailer for Hancock had more laughs than this did. In fact, remember Will Smith talking to the mannequins in I Am Legend? That was comedy gold in comparison.


We don't want to see Leslie Nielsen brought to this. But at least now you know what Brent "Data" Spiner has been up to. Please tell us their next project isn't Science Fiction Movie.

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Dammit. As awful as that looks I did laugh a couple of times. At least it looks coherent and they don't blatently throw in pop culture references like that Meet The Spartans noise.